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Dispensers & Drags, Wicks & Bags

Scent Strips - Felt strips or pads dipped in doe scent should be placed on tree branches about 5 ft. high. At this height the scent will carry farther and draw bucks from a greater distance.

Wafers - Wafers are another convenient way to cover your scent These wafers are pinned to your hunting clothing to help effectively mask human odor with a natural cover scent or attractant. Solid-scent wafers use a concentrate that will not spill, freeze or wash away.

Drags - Another effective technique is to drag a felt strip dipped in doe estrus. Simply tie the wet strip to a stick with a string. Drag the doe scent away from your path. With a trail of doe scent to distract a buck and your own trail concealed with cover scent, you can be confident that the trip to your stand won’t give you away.

Freshness - It takes a bit of effort to implement an effective cover scent and attractant program, so don’t waste that time and the opportunity it presents by using last year’s leftover scents. This is especially true with attractants. You want your estrous scents to be as fresh as possible so the buck that sniffs them will be convinced that romance is just around the next tree. Once you develop a scent-control system and a routine to implement it, you’ll be well on your way to bagging that long-sought trophy

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